Usability week ending September 12th

Friday, 10th September, 9:11 AM
Use an inline or drop down login box so users don’t have to wait for a new page to load: #ia #ux

Friday, 10th September, 9:07 AM
What teens really think about the usability of #Swype texting, expressed in a 4 panel "rage comic": #usability #android

Thursday, 9th September, 6:59 PM
Apple shares App Store Review Guidelines, apparently cares about #UX. "Join us in trying to surprise and delight users":

Wednesday, 8th September, 12:15 PM
Typing in mobile web apps is considered frustrating, yet in US, 4.1 billion SMS are sent a day. Maybe it's the usability:

Monday, 6th September, 3:41 PM
E.W. Dijkstra on teaching the "radical novelties" of computer science

Monday, 6th September, 12:57 PM
The real problem is companies have a roving eye--always more interested in the customers they don’t have: #ux #service


Usability week ending September 5th

Saturday, 4th September, 11:45 PM
@sugarsock Pareto was an old 19th C noble who didn't much like the other 80%, thought the poor were just like peas--can safely ignore him.

Thursday, 2nd September, 2:38 PM
What 20% of things on your web site would give you 80% of your desired results? Pare down for better conversion:

Thursday, 2nd September, 8:41 AM
5 negative perceptions about Information Architects and how to defeat them: #ia /via @userexperience

Wednesday, 1st September, 11:07 PM
Apple TV isn't for pirates, it’s for parents. "Can't think of a single device that makes renting TV and movies easier":


Usability week ending August 29th

Friday, 27th August, 4:19 PM
Tailored computing experiences promise a pipe dream of safety, beauty–but real delight lies in making your own choices:

Thursday, 26th August, 12:29 PM
A believable 3-D #persona has psychology, physiology, and sociology, as well as inner goals, needs, and desires: #ux #ia

Wednesday, 25th August, 5:25 PM
Solving media overload takes a single word -- "No." :

Tuesday, 24th August, 10:02 AM
Done well, "help" content offers tremendous potential to earn customer loyalty: #ux #usability #help #documentation

Monday, 23rd August, 10:11 PM
Apps vs the Web -- why there is a proliferation of #apps instead of web pages that can do the same thing: #ux #usability


Usability week ending July 25th

Friday, 23rd July, 8:56 AM
Balancing #science and #art -- human-computer interaction #design benefits substantially from a #creative approach: #ux

Thursday, 22nd July, 5:00 PM
#Endeca launches UI Design Pattern Library -- understand users, create potential solutions, and evaluate and optimize:

Thursday, 22nd July, 8:51 AM
Information networks and living cities provide a basis for understanding each other, and information architecture: #ia

Tuesday, 20th July, 10:54 AM
Supporting User Experience and User Centered Design throughout the Product Development process: #ux #ia #ucd


Usability week ending July 18th

Thursday, 15th July, 8:50 PM
Sketching is an important pre- #wireframing technique for doing divergent and transformative #design: #ux #ia

Wednesday, 14th July, 10:25 PM
#Complexity may be unavoidably inherent to a workflow and tasks, or in the density of information to present: #ux #ia #ui

Tuesday, 13th July, 12:51 PM
"Dark patterns" purposely trick users into doing things they wouldn’t otherwise have done: #ux #usability #ia


Usability week ending July 11th

Thursday, 8th July, 9:32 AM
Getting rid of #hover makes the web better; no substitute for concise content, clear interaction, simple design: #ux #ui

Wednesday, 7th July, 10:32 PM
How to make a customer experience map--the graphical representation of the service journey of a customer: #ux #ia

Tuesday, 6th July, 11:55 AM
"Good UI design encourages playful exploration in the app--people feel a sense of wonder and excitement": #microsoft #ux


Usability week ending July 4th

Friday, 2nd July, 11:56 AM
#Interface #design vs #interaction design--avoid beautiful-looking but ultimately confusing and difficult to use #UI: #ux

Wednesday, 30th June, 9:31 AM
Tips for building #wireframes for web #UI information architecture: #ia

Monday, 28th June, 6:18 PM
Four attributes define the future online customer experience -- customized, aggregated, relevant, social: #ux

Sunday, 27th June, 12:29 AM
RT @karenmcgrane: Saying UX for the web consists of IA, IxD, and visual design is like saying Christmas presents consist of boxes, tape, ...


Usability week ending June 20th

Friday, 18th June, 2:25 PM
What can print designers do to embrace the web?

Thursday, 17th June, 8:13 AM
Do you really want part of my sign-up experience to be that you tell me that my name is invalid?: #ux #ia #dba

Wednesday, 16th June, 11:44 AM
"All design is human-centered. If it's not human-centered, then it's not design...": #design #usability #ux

Wednesday, 16th June, 11:28 AM
@Memeo_Inc Fix to support + sign in email address--it's a GMail feature, after all.

Tuesday, 15th June, 6:13 PM
iPad so inviting that customers are drawn to interacting with (or at least observing) payment transactions: #ux #ipad

Monday, 14th June, 5:25 PM
Huge success of iPhone, Craigslist, Google, Twitter shows importance of #simplicity vs a large feature set: #ux


Usability week ending June 13th

Friday, 11th June, 9:57 AM
Publishers, your webpages are hostile to reading. Love your readers and #design for #readability, or die: #ux

Thursday, 10th June, 5:06 PM
#Google takes own advice: "Good #UX isn’t just about good #design. Be open, engaged, surprising, polite" and fast to fix:

Thursday, 10th June, 4:01 PM
The social style guide and why "remove Google background" became a top search term

Thursday, 10th June, 1:51 PM
“The intention of sketching is to separate design from the process of making.” : #design #ia #ux #wireframe

Thursday, 10th June, 1:49 PM
RT @MSEurope: We've lost a background image, if found please return to ;)

Wednesday, 9th June, 5:25 PM
In a corporate environment, consensus can be a designer's best friend--if you know when and how to seek it out: #design

Tuesday, 8th June, 9:57 AM
Readings on the state of usability art:

Monday, 7th June, 8:54 AM
User attention is a limited resource and we should heavily optimize to minimize our impact upon it: #ux #ui #ipad