Usability week ending July 4th

Friday, 2nd July, 11:56 AM
#Interface #design vs #interaction design--avoid beautiful-looking but ultimately confusing and difficult to use #UI: #ux

Wednesday, 30th June, 9:31 AM
Tips for building #wireframes for web #UI information architecture: #ia

Monday, 28th June, 6:18 PM
Four attributes define the future online customer experience -- customized, aggregated, relevant, social: #ux

Sunday, 27th June, 12:29 AM
RT @karenmcgrane: Saying UX for the web consists of IA, IxD, and visual design is like saying Christmas presents consist of boxes, tape, ...

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Great ctnmemos here. About ctnmemos and documentation. I've worked for two companies that had almost no documentation and almost no ctnmemos in the code. Both used Agile. In the Agile and Scrum books I've read there is virtually no emphasis on documentation. Not all programmers are good and many hate to document. It is not hard to see how some would see Agile as giving permission not to do so. Not all managers are good either. Some see the Scrum stories as a commitment rather than an estimate. When a waterfall project falls behind the deadlines are pushed back. When a Scrum falls behind instead of dropping stories, frequently shortcuts are taken in the documentation or the testing leading to technical debt.