Usability week ending September 27th

Friday, 25th September, 12:21 PM
Boost your website's credibility with 10 rules based on 3 years' research on 4,500 users: #ux #ia #webdesign

Thursday, 24th September, 7:02 PM
Not all usability design is for the end user--user experience designers are users too: #ux #design #mac #workspace

Tuesday, 22nd September, 4:25 PM
Yo dawg, we heard you like browsers, so we put a browser in your browser: #google #chrome #ie #ie6 #ie7 #ie8 #webdesign

Monday, 21st September, 11:56 PM
What makes a cool URI? It's one that doesn't change. What sorts of URI change? URIs don't change; people change them: #ux


Usability week ending September 20th

Friday, 18th September, 6:00 PM
"Dear Yahoo! Mail, I have a request... Specifically, I'd like to be able to check my email." #yahoo #email #ux #usability

Thursday, 17th September, 8:52 PM
A vast amount of money and time and brains has been employed in overcoming sales resistance--the end of this is bedlam:

Wednesday, 16th September, 9:53 PM
URLs will still be part of the Web user interface for many more years, so a usable site requires a usable URL: #ux #ui #ia

Tuesday, 15th September, 4:44 PM
Characteristics of great companies--innovating, sustainable, sharing, creative, inspiring, strategic, put customers first:

Monday, 14th September, 12:34 PM
Just wrong--instead of metrics like “they make more money than they spend” we see “visits” or “growth” qualify success:


Usability week ending September 13th

Friday, 11th September, 7:02 PM
Happy talk is the kudzu of the internet--eradicate it from your website copy: #copywriting #marketing #stockphoto

Friday, 11th September, 9:00 AM
Let your creatives be creative--blocking parts of the Web "systematically makes a company stupider": #office #IT #policy

Thursday, 10th September, 6:07 PM
RT @jkatinger — Life is conversational. Web design should be the same way. Have good conversations: #ux #design

Wednesday, 9th September, 5:15 PM
#UX, but for whom? Design for users you solve a problem for, who want more from you, use the product well, talk about you:

Wednesday, 9th September, 12:19 AM
Is it dd-mm-yy, mm-dd-yy, or yy-mm-dd? On 09-09-09, ISO 8601 suddenly makes more sense: / #ia #iso

Tuesday, 8th September, 6:10 PM
Edward R. Tufte’s “The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint” presented in the form of a #PowerPoint presentation: #usability #ia


Usability week ending September 6th

Friday, 4th September, 7:50 PM
7 of 37signals—publish, dogfood, simplify, impassion, charge, share, engage: #success #startup #ux

Thursday, 3rd September, 5:07 PM
Close the gap between webpage purpose and customer intent through blood sweat and tears—and these 6 tips: #analytics #ux

Wednesday, 2nd September, 8:41 PM
Al Gore invented the Internet’s Top 10 User Experience Myths: #ux #design #usability #IA

Tuesday, 1st September, 11:50 AM
Got a sales and #marketing problem? When in doubt, make your #software more compelling: #ux #development

Monday, 31st August, 11:07 PM
Every now and then the simplicity and elegance and sheer obviousness (after the fact) of an invention blows me away:


Usability week ending August 30th

Friday, 28th August, 7:47 AM
Software engineering is over—goal is not consistency but transformation, changing how a company does business:

Thursday, 27th August, 12:46 PM
Three steps to kick–ass customer service—be easy to reach, be human, offer a path forward: #customerservice #crm #scrm

Wednesday, 26th August, 4:51 PM
Effective and delightful convergence—“Engineers make things,” Fast said, “we make people love them.” #ux #design #ia

Tuesday, 25th August, 5:54 PM
Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” #design #ux

Monday, 24th August, 3:41 PM
What metric are you designing to improve? Use Google Website Optimizer to test if you're improving conversions: #ux


Usability week ending August 23rd

Wednesday, 19th August, 10:48 PM
Enjoyed this! Information architecture of social experience design in 5 principles, 5 anti-patterns, and 3 buckets: #ia

Tuesday, 18th August, 3:46 PM
Managing UI complexity—progressive disclosure, contextual actions, alignment, visual hierarchy, & mental models: #ux #ui

Monday, 17th August, 8:21 AM
Use the 4 elements of elegance—symmetry, seduction, subtraction, and sustainability (vid+summary): #ux #design