Social business and service design

It is not surprising that almost every business analyst, from whatever field they come from, management, business consulting, marketing, finance…etc predicts that customer experience and customer value in use will be the next big strategic thing, including major players like Forrester research – The State Of Customer Experience, 2010 – and big five consultancies like Cap Gemini. See also for example Emanuele Quintarelli’s summaries of the Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2010 and the “Social CRM Strategies Summit” (Day 1 & Day 2). More fundamental models in business and academia are underlining this new paradigm: Service dominant logic, and lean consumption as an application of lean management .

And that’s exactly the reason why service design (as a generalization of the formerly emerged discipline of User experience design – see Peter Morville, Smashing Magazine & Kimmy Paluch) and design thinking are starting to raise such a high interest: It’s these disciplines that have the tools, methods and people (the designers and design thinkers) necessary to discover & create customer value and experience, the new ingredients for success and competitiveness in business.

Usability week ending August 30th

Friday, 28th August, 7:47 AM
Software engineering is over—goal is not consistency but transformation, changing how a company does business:

Thursday, 27th August, 12:46 PM
Three steps to kick–ass customer service—be easy to reach, be human, offer a path forward: #customerservice #crm #scrm

Wednesday, 26th August, 4:51 PM
Effective and delightful convergence—“Engineers make things,” Fast said, “we make people love them.” #ux #design #ia

Tuesday, 25th August, 5:54 PM
Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” #design #ux

Monday, 24th August, 3:41 PM
What metric are you designing to improve? Use Google Website Optimizer to test if you're improving conversions: #ux