Pet peeve: sites rejecting valid email addresses

Several of the large email providers support "plus addressing", using your username plus a label (e.g., to help you keep track of who you're giving an address to and help you sort your email. Here's a Google post on plus addressing.

Unfortunately, many email validation routines are naive, and won't accept the plus sign. That's to be expected from Bank of America's IT department. It's a surprise when it happens at Amazon.

For a better discussion of using the + symbol to help filter Gmail, see Gmail Tips - The Complete Collection.

Usability week ending September 20th

Friday, 18th September, 6:00 PM
"Dear Yahoo! Mail, I have a request... Specifically, I'd like to be able to check my email." #yahoo #email #ux #usability

Thursday, 17th September, 8:52 PM
A vast amount of money and time and brains has been employed in overcoming sales resistance--the end of this is bedlam:

Wednesday, 16th September, 9:53 PM
URLs will still be part of the Web user interface for many more years, so a usable site requires a usable URL: #ux #ui #ia

Tuesday, 15th September, 4:44 PM
Characteristics of great companies--innovating, sustainable, sharing, creative, inspiring, strategic, put customers first:

Monday, 14th September, 12:34 PM
Just wrong--instead of metrics like “they make more money than they spend” we see “visits” or “growth” qualify success: