Usability week ending September 13th

Friday, 11th September, 7:02 PM
Happy talk is the kudzu of the internet--eradicate it from your website copy: #copywriting #marketing #stockphoto

Friday, 11th September, 9:00 AM
Let your creatives be creative--blocking parts of the Web "systematically makes a company stupider": #office #IT #policy

Thursday, 10th September, 6:07 PM
RT @jkatinger — Life is conversational. Web design should be the same way. Have good conversations: #ux #design

Wednesday, 9th September, 5:15 PM
#UX, but for whom? Design for users you solve a problem for, who want more from you, use the product well, talk about you:

Wednesday, 9th September, 12:19 AM
Is it dd-mm-yy, mm-dd-yy, or yy-mm-dd? On 09-09-09, ISO 8601 suddenly makes more sense: / #ia #iso

Tuesday, 8th September, 6:10 PM
Edward R. Tufte’s “The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint” presented in the form of a #PowerPoint presentation: #usability #ia