Usability week ending September 6th

Friday, 4th September, 7:50 PM
7 of 37signals—publish, dogfood, simplify, impassion, charge, share, engage: #success #startup #ux

Thursday, 3rd September, 5:07 PM
Close the gap between webpage purpose and customer intent through blood sweat and tears—and these 6 tips: #analytics #ux

Wednesday, 2nd September, 8:41 PM
Al Gore invented the Internet’s Top 10 User Experience Myths: #ux #design #usability #IA

Tuesday, 1st September, 11:50 AM
Got a sales and #marketing problem? When in doubt, make your #software more compelling: #ux #development

Monday, 31st August, 11:07 PM
Every now and then the simplicity and elegance and sheer obviousness (after the fact) of an invention blows me away:


Usability week ending August 16th

Friday, 14th August, 9:14 AM
Practicing product minimalism—when do you decide to *remove* features? #ux #design #usability

Thursday, 13th August, 3:50 PM
If someone else printed a user guide for your product, how many pages would they need? #ux #design #usability

Wednesday, 12th August, 10:36 AM
Are rounded rectangles friendly? Apple thinks so. One scientist claims they're easier to visually process: #design #ux

Tuesday, 11th August, 8:36 AM
#Advice and lessons learned for taking a 6 week sabbatical to rest, recuperate, and renew your creative energies:

Monday, 10th August, 10:56 AM
What metric are you designing to improve today? While aesthetics are subjective, behavior is not: #ux #design


Usability week ending August 9th

Friday, 7th August, 10:29 AM
Hypothesizing “The Steve Jobs Method”—iteration, discipline, differentiation, experimentation, abandonment: #design

Thursday, 6th August, 8:41 AM
Eye-tracking studies on web forms design, scanning vs reading, and the F-shaped pattern for web content: #UX

Wednesday, 5th August, 12:57 PM
Is Apple really a "feminine brand" with a "feminized" user experience? Don't men want #usability and service? #UX

Tuesday, 4th August, 11:36 AM
#Design for yourself: Steve Jobs on why Apple doesn't do market research—“discipline to think through” what users want:

Monday, 3rd August, 12:14 PM
#UX via

Usability week ending August 2nd

Friday, 31st July, 11:13 PM
FCC questions Apple, AT&T, and Google over Google Voice rejection:

Friday, 31st July, 3:08 PM
#UX design is a creative art form—here's a visually elegant way to show users if they typed a hidden password right:

Thursday, 30th July, 6:12 PM
Why some people love meetings, and other people hate them—some people are “managers”, others (like devs) are “makers”:

Wednesday, 29th July, 2:58 PM
Asking “What would Apple do?” contradicts everything Silicon Valley startups consider gospel over the past five years:

Tuesday, 28th July, 3:27 PM
Monetize the audience, not the content,” argues #VC Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures:

Monday, 27th July, 3:13 PM
#Usability #tips from a small #e-commerce owner: design a familiar #UX, focus on blogs, and show great photos: