Usability week ending August 16th

Friday, 14th August, 9:14 AM
Practicing product minimalism—when do you decide to *remove* features? #ux #design #usability

Thursday, 13th August, 3:50 PM
If someone else printed a user guide for your product, how many pages would they need? #ux #design #usability

Wednesday, 12th August, 10:36 AM
Are rounded rectangles friendly? Apple thinks so. One scientist claims they're easier to visually process: #design #ux

Tuesday, 11th August, 8:36 AM
#Advice and lessons learned for taking a 6 week sabbatical to rest, recuperate, and renew your creative energies:

Monday, 10th August, 10:56 AM
What metric are you designing to improve today? While aesthetics are subjective, behavior is not: #ux #design