Usability week ending August 29th

Friday, 27th August, 4:19 PM
Tailored computing experiences promise a pipe dream of safety, beauty–but real delight lies in making your own choices:

Thursday, 26th August, 12:29 PM
A believable 3-D #persona has psychology, physiology, and sociology, as well as inner goals, needs, and desires: #ux #ia

Wednesday, 25th August, 5:25 PM
Solving media overload takes a single word -- "No." :

Tuesday, 24th August, 10:02 AM
Done well, "help" content offers tremendous potential to earn customer loyalty: #ux #usability #help #documentation

Monday, 23rd August, 10:11 PM
Apps vs the Web -- why there is a proliferation of #apps instead of web pages that can do the same thing: #ux #usability


Usability week ending August 15th

Friday, 13th August, 10:48 AM
Throughout history, the forms of our letters were influenced by the tools we used to create them: #typography #usability

Thursday, 12th August, 7:36 PM
Pay attention to net neutrality debate. User experience determines success: #ux #netneutrality and

Wednesday, 11th August, 1:08 PM
Four bits of #design wisdom that may come in handy some day: #ux

Wednesday, 11th August, 12:42 PM
Dutch traffic engineer shows streets without signs are safer than roads cluttered with arrows, painted lines, and lights:

Tuesday, 10th August, 11:28 AM
How Star Trek artists imagined usability 23 years ago

Tuesday, 10th August, 10:09 AM
Star Trek designer on #usability: Someone beating their brains into guacamole to make this machine easy for *me* to use:

Monday, 9th August, 3:20 PM
On corp blog home page, showing summaries of many articles is more likely to draw in users than full articles: #usability


Usability week ending August 8th

Friday, 6th August, 11:34 AM
"The door is ajar" -- the talking car, and the value gap between #marketing and customer experience: #ux

Thursday, 5th August, 4:55 PM
Want to leverage social media? First build a good customer experience: #ux #socialweb

Monday, 2nd August, 5:38 PM
Nothing about having a lot of money improves odds of a consumer internet startup creating a great product: #investment

Monday, 2nd August, 11:44 AM
Jakob Nielsen's #usability issues -- missing menu, site identity, terminology, content organization, readability: #ux


Usability week ending August 1st

Friday, 30th July, 9:41 AM
The disappearing PC

Friday, 30th July, 9:07 AM
The real reason why consumers won't pay online -- it's a pain: #usability #ecommerce #ux

Thursday, 29th July, 8:58 AM
Positive emotional stimuli can build a sense of trust and engagement with your users: #ux #ui #interface #design #emotion

Wednesday, 28th July, 12:53 PM
If you're going out on a limb putting up a #paywall, be willing to iterate. The #UX designer's job is never done: #design

Wednesday, 28th July, 11:30 AM
Maybe customers are shifting toward self service because they don't want a relationship with companies: #ux

Monday, 26th July, 5:58 PM
#Citibank is creating a bad customer experience by fooling its prospective customers: http:// #ux


The disappearing PC

The article below is a couple months old but interesting to look back on now the iPad has sold close to 4 million units, supporting Job's point of view.

Ballmer commented yesterday that Apple's sold more iPads than he would like. He was surprised by the iPhone, and is surprised by the iPad. After all, Microsoft was already selling phones, and tablets, and if so many people wanted them, they'd have bought them ... right?

You see the problem in Ballmer's iPad interview below. He thinks everything is a PC, just evolving form factors. The hardware shape changes like a fashion fad, but it's still a PC, and people are going to do the same things on it.

On the contrary, it's not the hardware form factor people are excited about. Joe Wilcox didn't repurchase an iPad because it was fashionable. It's the shape of the software — the usability. The iOS multi-touch platform pushes the OS into the background, putting goal-oriented apps front and center.

Everyday people (tech geeks call these people "normals") can poke a button for the thing they want to do, and the device becomes a tool to accomplish that thing. Your goal, in a sleek metal frame.

It's not a personal computer riddled with OS anxiety between you and your goal. Turn it on and it's a personal radio, Facebook, magazine, navigator, or photo album. It's whatever you need it to be at the time, and nothing else.

Steve Jobs' and Steve Ballmer's starkly different visions of the future

"PCs are like trucks," Apple (AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs told Walt Mossberg Tuesday night at the Wall Street Journal's D8 conference. When America stopped being an agrarian society, people started buying cars. Devices like the iPhone and the iPad, in Jobs' analogy, are the cars of computing as society transitions into what he calls the "post PC world."

"And this transformation is going to make some people uneasy," he predicted. "People from the PC world."

Enter Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft (MSFT), who was, in his D8 turn two days later, the embodiment of the uneasy PC guy, whether attacking Google's (GOOG) "incoherent" operating system strategy, damning Research in Motion (RIMM) with faint praise, or dissing Apple as living in "the bubble of Terranea" -- a reference to the swanky resort where the conference was held and whose participants could afford to own "five devices per person."

All Things D has posted excerpts of Ballmer's interview (along with Ray Ozzie, Microsoft's chief software architect) on its D8 site. We've pasted several below the fold, along with the Steve Jobs video that includes his vision of the post-PC world. It begins at the 3:30 mark in the first clip. Ballmer's response is in the video about the iPad.


Steve Jobs on the iPad and the post-PC world:

Steve Ballmer on the iPad:

Ballmer and Ozzie on cloud computing:

Ballmer on the battle for control of the mobile phone business:

Usability week ending July 25th

Friday, 23rd July, 8:56 AM
Balancing #science and #art -- human-computer interaction #design benefits substantially from a #creative approach: #ux

Thursday, 22nd July, 5:00 PM
#Endeca launches UI Design Pattern Library -- understand users, create potential solutions, and evaluate and optimize:

Thursday, 22nd July, 8:51 AM
Information networks and living cities provide a basis for understanding each other, and information architecture: #ia

Tuesday, 20th July, 10:54 AM
Supporting User Experience and User Centered Design throughout the Product Development process: #ux #ia #ucd


Usability week ending July 18th

Thursday, 15th July, 8:50 PM
Sketching is an important pre- #wireframing technique for doing divergent and transformative #design: #ux #ia

Wednesday, 14th July, 10:25 PM
#Complexity may be unavoidably inherent to a workflow and tasks, or in the density of information to present: #ux #ia #ui

Tuesday, 13th July, 12:51 PM
"Dark patterns" purposely trick users into doing things they wouldn’t otherwise have done: #ux #usability #ia


Usability week ending July 11th

Thursday, 8th July, 9:32 AM
Getting rid of #hover makes the web better; no substitute for concise content, clear interaction, simple design: #ux #ui

Wednesday, 7th July, 10:32 PM
How to make a customer experience map--the graphical representation of the service journey of a customer: #ux #ia

Tuesday, 6th July, 11:55 AM
"Good UI design encourages playful exploration in the app--people feel a sense of wonder and excitement": #microsoft #ux


Usability week ending July 4th

Friday, 2nd July, 11:56 AM
#Interface #design vs #interaction design--avoid beautiful-looking but ultimately confusing and difficult to use #UI: #ux

Wednesday, 30th June, 9:31 AM
Tips for building #wireframes for web #UI information architecture: #ia

Monday, 28th June, 6:18 PM
Four attributes define the future online customer experience -- customized, aggregated, relevant, social: #ux

Sunday, 27th June, 12:29 AM
RT @karenmcgrane: Saying UX for the web consists of IA, IxD, and visual design is like saying Christmas presents consist of boxes, tape, ...