Usability week ending December 6th

Friday, 4th December, 2:29 PM
For mobile, "don't look at features & technology, look at users' motivations & behaviors in the mobile context": #ux #ui

Thursday, 3rd December, 7:18 PM
We naturally assume that the way we experience our world must be unique, yet experience *can* be designed: #ux

Wednesday, 2nd December, 5:34 PM
"As the world fills with clutter at a disconcerting pace, good design should be quiet and generate a level of calm": #ux

Tuesday, 1st December, 2:06 PM
"... there are no lasting technological solutions to social problems..." Corporate culture v. Socialcast: #ux #usability

Monday, 30th November, 7:55 PM
Usability is power -- comparing iPhone and Android application management: #usability #ux #iphone #android


Usability week ending November 29th

Friday, 27th November, 12:47 PM
Making online video accessible for everyone--streaming video captioning for the web: #ux #usability #accessibility

Wednesday, 25th November, 11:56 PM
Fail fast!” Get apps out in the wild soon as possible to see whether they'll succeed--eBay, Google, Adobe discuss: #ux

Tuesday, 24th November, 1:25 PM
Getting to the customer–-why everything you think about User Centered Design is wrong: #ia #ux #ui #ucd


Usability week ending November 22nd

Friday, 20th November, 1:11 PM
“If it’s not done well, consumers won’t use it.” User experience could limit TV Everywhere adoption: #ux #broadband #vod

Thursday, 19th November, 6:50 PM
Investing in reducing friction pays off not just in pure money or time, but also pure opportunity cost: #usability

Wednesday, 18th November, 6:31 PM
Tweetie's author, Loren Brichter, invents user interfaces that are "discoverable and explanatory": #ux #ui

Tuesday, 17th November, 1:59 PM
Lack of convergence dooms projects from the start--impossible to pull together a seamless user experience later: #ux #ia

Monday, 16th November, 1:44 PM
Usability rocks: "Simplicity of its interface and ease of use have made Hulu the darling of American TV fans": #ux #ui


Usability week ending November 15th

Friday, 13th November, 1:51 PM
Test these conversion tips to improve your website's checkout process: #ia #ux #ui #ecommerce

Thursday, 12th November, 6:21 PM
5 Tips Attract Clients--respond fast to email, negotiate scope not price, show success, use pretty things, be personal:

Wednesday, 11th November, 5:05 PM
User-friendliness and fascism--interplay of aesthetics (Apple has in spades) and centralized control (Apple also has): #ux

Tuesday, 10th November, 12:56 PM
Error messages are part of your user interface, and need to treated as such. They need to be designed: #ux #ui #ia

Monday, 9th November, 6:07 PM
No more jaggies or blurries--web typography discussion with examples of how browsers handle anti-aliasing: #fonts #ux


Usability week ending November 8th

Friday, 6th November, 12:48 PM
"All of us like to think we're as focused on the end-user experience as Steve"--Andrea Jung, Chairman and CEO, Avon: #ux

Thursday, 5th November, 5:37 PM
Human behavior converges on an expected value far more quickly than random variables. Usability studies can be small: #ux

Wednesday, 4th November, 11:18 PM
The BBC aims to provide a consistent experience for all users with 3 levels of "Browser Support Standards": #ux #ia

Tuesday, 3rd November, 11:58 PM
RT @AmberCadabra via @wvpmc: Final post in social media time management series, "9 Guiding Principles":

Tuesday, 3rd November, 4:49 PM
Landing page wonder wheel--8 dimensions to understand your current landing pages' creative and conversion rates: #seo #ux

Monday, 2nd November, 3:57 PM
Designing for social traction--turn a user into a passionate customer *before* making them sign up for your service: #ux


Usability week ending November 1st

Friday, 30th October, 4:06 PM
Handling user errors using specific and helpful messaging, boosted conversions by 17%: #ux #ui #ia

Thursday, 29th October, 2:31 PM
Qualify leads using sign-up forms, with less sign-up friction and more qualified responses: #ia #ux #usability

Wednesday, 28th October, 5:18 PM
The underutilized power of the video demo to explain what the hell you actually do: #ux #ia #video #streaming #usability

Tuesday, 27th October, 2:38 PM
Kevin Rose, founder of Digg, WeFollow, Revision3, shares 9 ways to grow to one million users: #ia #marketing #startup

Monday, 26th October, 7:49 PM
Making your app easy lowers barriers to entry and bounce rates, increases conversions, makes/breaks success: #ux #ui #ia


Usability week ending October 25th

Friday, 23rd October, 11:21 AM
The plain fact is users will not read anything you put on the screen. How to treat user myopia: #ui #development #ia

Wednesday, 21st October, 9:26 PM
Users hate change--just evolve a familiar #design. When incrementalism eventually destroys cohesiveness, redesign: #ux #ui

Monday, 19th October, 1:56 PM
If someone approaches you about #SEO, ignore them. Fire whoever makes your web pages, hire someone better: #ia #webdesign


Usability week ending October 18th

Friday, 16th October, 12:23 PM
Make a web design look good - balance, grid, color, graphics, typography, white space, connection. #ux #ui #webdesign

Thursday, 15th October, 11:52 AM
The Huffington Post uses real-time A/B testing to write better headlines: (#ux, user behavior, landing page optimization)

Wednesday, 14th October, 3:50 PM
Secrets of Google's design team--"Focus on the user and all else will follow": #ux #ui #webdesign #usability #google

Tuesday, 13th October, 10:57 AM
#UI Fundamentals for Programmers” video--modeling, breaking apps into screens, visual techniques, flows, and coding tips:

Monday, 12th October, 4:02 PM
Get Satisfaction's fatal flaw--make you to register to give feedback or get support. Try data capture, then relationship:


Usability week ending October 11th

Thursday, 8th October, 9:05 PM
How to avoid or fix 15 of the most common mistakes that #e-commerce sites make: #ux #ui #ecommerce #advice #tips

Wednesday, 7th October, 1:00 PM
#Usability testing is the hottest thing in experience #design research--here's how to do it: #ux #ui

Tuesday, 6th October, 2:37 PM
How to choose the most effective wireframing or #prototyping method for the #UX questions you need answered: #design

Monday, 5th October, 3:41 PM
"I have made this letter longer than usual, only because I have not had time to make it shorter." - Blaise Pascal: #ux


Usability week ending October 4th

Friday, 2nd October, 11:57 AM
Here's a great visual tool for planning "font stacks": #design #ui #css / Discussion:

Thursday, 1st October, 9:24 PM
Search results can make or break conversion rates--crucial to bridge gap between a user and the products sought: #ux #ui

Tuesday, 29th September, 1:58 PM
37 Signals learns how we communicate has a lot to do with trust, and trust is a kind of usability too: #ux #marketing

Monday, 28th September, 8:04 PM
Is a web app's look and feel critical to its overall success? A panel of experts discuss startup aesthetics: #ui #ux