Usability week ending November 15th

Friday, 13th November, 1:51 PM
Test these conversion tips to improve your website's checkout process: #ia #ux #ui #ecommerce

Thursday, 12th November, 6:21 PM
5 Tips Attract Clients--respond fast to email, negotiate scope not price, show success, use pretty things, be personal:

Wednesday, 11th November, 5:05 PM
User-friendliness and fascism--interplay of aesthetics (Apple has in spades) and centralized control (Apple also has): #ux

Tuesday, 10th November, 12:56 PM
Error messages are part of your user interface, and need to treated as such. They need to be designed: #ux #ui #ia

Monday, 9th November, 6:07 PM
No more jaggies or blurries--web typography discussion with examples of how browsers handle anti-aliasing: #fonts #ux