Usability week ending December 6th

Friday, 4th December, 2:29 PM
For mobile, "don't look at features & technology, look at users' motivations & behaviors in the mobile context": #ux #ui

Thursday, 3rd December, 7:18 PM
We naturally assume that the way we experience our world must be unique, yet experience *can* be designed: #ux

Wednesday, 2nd December, 5:34 PM
"As the world fills with clutter at a disconcerting pace, good design should be quiet and generate a level of calm": #ux

Tuesday, 1st December, 2:06 PM
"... there are no lasting technological solutions to social problems..." Corporate culture v. Socialcast: #ux #usability

Monday, 30th November, 7:55 PM
Usability is power -- comparing iPhone and Android application management: #usability #ux #iphone #android