Usability week ending October 18th

Friday, 16th October, 12:23 PM
Make a web design look good - balance, grid, color, graphics, typography, white space, connection. #ux #ui #webdesign

Thursday, 15th October, 11:52 AM
The Huffington Post uses real-time A/B testing to write better headlines: (#ux, user behavior, landing page optimization)

Wednesday, 14th October, 3:50 PM
Secrets of Google's design team--"Focus on the user and all else will follow": #ux #ui #webdesign #usability #google

Tuesday, 13th October, 10:57 AM
#UI Fundamentals for Programmers” video--modeling, breaking apps into screens, visual techniques, flows, and coding tips:

Monday, 12th October, 4:02 PM
Get Satisfaction's fatal flaw--make you to register to give feedback or get support. Try data capture, then relationship: