Usability week ending March 7th

Thursday, 4th March, 3:45 PM
The Minimum Feature Set's purpose is getting the first version and vision of your product to early-vangelists fast:

Wednesday, 3rd March, 9:20 PM
Above-the-fold thinking neglects what happens at the end of an #html page. You need footers that don't stink: #ia #ux #ui

Tuesday, 2nd March, 10:23 AM
How Lady Gaga builds brand loyalty--Give fans a name, make them bigger, share symbols, treat as rock stars, socialize:

Monday, 1st March, 12:39 PM
Sometimes all that stuff your product does NOT do is exactly why people want it: #ux #ia #usability #Google #Buzz

Monday, 1st March, 9:19 AM
5 user experience trends for 2010--service as software, #UX analytics, content strategy, mobile web, experience economy:


Usability week ending December 27th

Thursday, 24th December, 9:37 AM
A website’s design should begin where it’s going to live: in the browser. Make your mockup in markup: #ui #css #html

Wednesday, 23rd December, 1:48 PM
UI development is the hard part. And it’s not the last step, it’s the first step: #ux #usability #linux #osx

Tuesday, 22nd December, 3:12 PM
User experience / usability analysis of the Business Breakfast. Cliff Notes version: have the oatmeal.

Monday, 21st December, 2:31 PM
When simplicity wins over features -- Philips DirectLife versus the Fitbit: #usability #ux