Usability week ending November 22nd

Friday, 20th November, 1:11 PM
“If it’s not done well, consumers won’t use it.” User experience could limit TV Everywhere adoption: #ux #broadband #vod

Thursday, 19th November, 6:50 PM
Investing in reducing friction pays off not just in pure money or time, but also pure opportunity cost: #usability

Wednesday, 18th November, 6:31 PM
Tweetie's author, Loren Brichter, invents user interfaces that are "discoverable and explanatory": #ux #ui

Tuesday, 17th November, 1:59 PM
Lack of convergence dooms projects from the start--impossible to pull together a seamless user experience later: #ux #ia

Monday, 16th November, 1:44 PM
Usability rocks: "Simplicity of its interface and ease of use have made Hulu the darling of American TV fans": #ux #ui