BBC television since 1927, DRM video downloads by 2006

The British Broadcasting Corp. is planning a new service for 2006 to let Web users download its television and radio programs up to a week after they have aired. That they're doing this isn't surprising. More interesting was BBC Director General Mark Thompson's realization that the march of technology is forcing their hand. "I accept", he said, "the premise that if the BBC remains nothing more than a traditional TV and radio broadcaster then we probably won't deserve or get license-fee funding beyond 2016."

AgencyNet's mystical simulation

I came across this interface yesterday, and was blown away. AgencyNet designed their web site as a cutaway view of their office floorplan, complete with tiny furniture, computers, and people, even a receptionist.

Millenium retrospective

In the United States, our historic holidays leave a little to be desired. Look, someone signed something---let's blow things up to celebrate! Hey, fat birds---let's eat one to celebrate! The most recent millenium Americans noticed celebrated an event in Israel two thousand years ago.

Jem recycles "They", they recycled too

Proving again that everything new is old, the hit single "They" from Jem's recently released album "Finally Woken" is hauntingly familiar. The background chorus repeats a twelve note phrase, and once you hum along, you can't get it out of your head. You know you've heard it before, but where?