Why, thank you, FedEx Manager Suraj Golden, I'll be right over

How is this obviously a scam? Even without getting technical and examining email headers, let's review:
  • Is the email from a FedEx email address? No.
  • Is the email sent to just you and only you? No.
  • Is the email logo and branding all perfect? No.
  • Is the email free of typos? No. (lack of space between date and Courier)
  • Is the email in conventional English? No. (should be "The courier" our "Our courier")
  • Is the email grammar consistent? No. ("at February 20" vs "at 20 February" and "parcel, please, print")
And most of all:

  • Does the link go to FedEx? No.

Even if all of these are "Yes" it's still a better idea to copy the tracking number, type "www.fedex.com" into a new browser window, and look up the tracking number yourself. In general, you should never click a link in an email from a business unless it's in immediate response to an action you took on their site, such as when verifying that you just changed your email address.

Learn more about the FedEx undeliverable parcel phishing scam at Snopes.