Usability week ending March 14th

Friday, 12th March, 8:25 AM
Persuading a client to approve a #design--always be selling, design has consequences, avoid politics, know the client:

Thursday, 11th March, 5:44 PM
Guiding principles for experience designers--address problem, cause no pain, simplify, acknowledge users, have empathy:

Wednesday, 10th March, 12:28 PM
The person, their brain, the mouse, and the monitor are so tightly intertwined that they’re just one thing: #usability

Wednesday, 10th March, 12:26 PM
NCAA Vault--a video index to every moment in "Sweet 16" history for last 10 years--shows archived video's value: #vod

Wednesday, 10th March, 8:29 AM
I bought the Mac Heist bundle. 7 Top Mac apps worth $260+ for only $19.95 and got 3 great bonus apps free!

Tuesday, 9th March, 4:06 PM
Ling’s Cars--subtle brilliance a lesson for #design elitists. Authenticity, personal attention, #usability, trust: #ux

Monday, 8th March, 10:53 AM
Technological progress in one area can lead to surprising regressions. How we learned and lost the cure for scurvy:

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I recently bhguot a new TV and Blu-Ray, and one of the features on both that enticed me to get the specific models was that they were both net-capable. My first reaction was that it would be great for future development, but I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of current offerings.I have a Sony Bravia W-Series that has a ton of content including full screen (fast and good quality) YouTube video, Amazon on-demand, Slacker Radio and many more options. As well as features like yahoo weather and twitter widgets, which are a bit cumbersome to use, but it seems like there are many features being added.I also have a Samsung Blu-Ray which offers streaming Netflix, Pandora, Blockbuster, and a few more options. The Netflix is very quick and high-quality (yet limited in content), and the Pandora is fantastic. I probably would have purchased a PS3 over this at the time if PS3 had offered the netflix option at the time, which it now does (Sony TV promises this feature direct within the next few months as well).From what I can tell on the TV Sony and Yahoo are the major players for both content and control.There are some great