Usability week ending December 13th

Friday, 11th December, 7:55 PM
Don’t draw figures or diagrams of wrong models, because people will remember them: #agile #waterfall #ia #programming

Thursday, 10th December, 3:56 PM
Travel search company Kayak shifts business strategy around the "new" usability needs shown to them by iPhone users: #ux

Wednesday, 9th December, 6:25 PM
Designers need to learn to apply their unique problem-solving and visual communication skills to business strategy:

Tuesday, 8th December, 5:47 PM
Represent conversations visually to encourage discussion -- Threaded View as a visual design pattern: #ux #ui #ia

Monday, 7th December, 12:25 PM
Quickly and easily find the most intuitive hierarchy for your site's info or nav using "tree testing" tools: #ia #ux